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Seasoned chef Edward Kim comes to the table with over 20 years of East Coast culinary skill. Crafting his Asian-Fusion menu intricately and with deep taste, he offers a rotating menu, where you can choose from proteins, noodles, broths and craft the perfect noodle bowl. Steamed Bao buns, crispy duck fat french fries, and Thai curry shrimp round out this killer menu. Check out Mi & Yu’s website to learn more.

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Voted BEST RAMEN in Baltimore | City Paper


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Mi & Yu Noodle Bar Menu
Eat In or Carry Out

Noodle Bowls

buttermilk brined fried chicken / 12.75

herbed short rib meatballs / 13.00

fried thai curry shrimp / 14.00

roast duck carnitas / 13.50

5 spiced bbq pork belly / 13.50

soy-miso braised short ribs / 14

vegetarian bowl, seared tofu (available in vegetarian broth) / 11.50

pick one noodle – ramen, udon or pho noodles

pick one broth – spicy kimchi, spicy sambal duck, savory miso broth or savory adobo duck

beef dashi, the braising liquid of the beef ribs available only on a limited basis

all bowls come with a boiled egg, napa cabbage, red onions, sliced jalapeños & herbed, korean radish slaw

gluten free bowl comes with pho rice noodles

Extra Protein

pork belly / 3.50

short ribs / 4

fried shrimp / 5

fried chicken / 2

fried tofu / 1

short rib meatballs / 3.50

duck “carnitas” / 3.50

egg / 1

Extra Noodles

pho, udon, ramen / 3.00

Mi & Yu Bao Menu
(Chinese steam bun sandwiches)

choose sriracha or umami aioli

combo any item below w/ duck fat, rosemary-garlic f.f. / 3

fried curry shrimp in a basket / 10

braised short ribs with miso glaze / 12

fried thai curry shrimp / 12.50

roast pork belly with bbq sauce / 11.50

adobo duck with duck jus / 11.50

herbed short rib meatballs / 11

buttermilk fried chicken / 11

fried tofu (vegetarian) / 9

duck fat, rosemary/garlic french fries a la carte / 4

COVID-19 Hours

Wednesday – Sunday: 12PM – 8PM