Pinch Dumplings

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Hand Made Chinese Dumplings ( Jiǎozi 饺子). Traditional. Local. Gourmet.

So much more than just another dumpling house, Pinch is committed to redefining your understanding of the dumpling. Organic, local ingredients make up the rotating seasonal menu with an assortment of pickled side salads, roasted peanuts and warm white rice.

These traditional Chinese dumplings are hand-rolled and stuffed with your choice of beef onion & cilantro, mushroom, kale & carrot, chicken, cabbage & pork, seasonal Maryland jumbo lump crab w/ spring onions, pork & egg… never the same menu, always the best quality, made from scratch in-house daily. They knead their own dough, produce wrappers in-house and hand-craft each dumpling every day. There is simply no comparison to a freshly made steamed or fried dumpling.

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