SmoQ-N-Meat BBQ

Now Serving BBQ Goodness to Mt. Vernon Market Place!

More than two decades ago, Guy Johnson began a Bar-B-Que journey that would change his life and reinvent the flavor profile for smoked meats. What began as a hobby to feed fellow starving college students and friends in need of a meal has now morphed into an award-winning culinary venture set in the secluded woods in upper Maryland. That’s right. SmoQ-N-Meat BBQ is changing the landscape of the oldest method of cooking. SmoQ-N-Meat BBQ is a combination of rubs, and smokey wood flavor added to high-quality cuts of meats for the ultimate taste palate experience of Bar-B-Que Goodness.

As the love and following for SmoQ-N-Meat BBQ continues to grow, Johnson is clear about the future and the impact of his calling. “People need help, people need healing, and people need hearty food,” says Johnson. “I work day and night to contribute to all three.”

Who We Are