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Right Here, in Mount Vernon

Welcome to Mount Vernon Marketplace, a revamped city space and Baltimore’s finest foodie destination! Creating a vibrant new place for community and small businesses to thrive and grow, this space was created to protect the heritage of the Mount Vernon community, while still creating a modern and fun space. The Mount Vernon Marketplace is closely tied with the Baltimore Music, Arts and Food scene and is a proud supporter of local creators.

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The Marketplace

The Neighborhood


Located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, Mount Vernon is designated a National Landmark and Historical District. Mount Vernon is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and originally was home to the most wealthy and fashionable families. The name derives from the Mount Vernon home of George Washington; the original Washington Monument, a massive pillar commenced in 1815 to commemorate the first president of the United States, is the defining feature of the neighborhood.

Although mainly residential, Mount Vernon is home to a mix of institutions, schools and museums. The Mount Vernon Marketplace is proud to of found its home right in the heart of this historic little neighborhood.

Operation A.R.T.S.

Walking through Mount Vernon Marketplace, you will notice various original art pieces painted on and hanging on the walls. This gallery space is curated by our partners at Operation A.R.T.S.!

Operation A.R.T.S. is an acronym that stands for Alliance for Responsible Trade & Sustainability. Operation A.R.T.S is an organization that was created for artists by artists, to lay the foundation for profitable collaborative relationships between the artists, businesses & the community. This is accomplished through professional development services, curated local art staging, and creative impact events that cultivate strong business skills and relationships. Through strong business relationships between artists and other entrepreneurs, each sector becomes stronger; cultivating creativity in business and building business skills in creative professionals.

Founded in 1897, Hochschild Kohn & Co. was Baltimore’s largest department store for most of the 20th century. It was also the first of Baltimore’s big department stores to expand beyond the downtown shopping district of Howard and Lexington Streets.

In 1942, after taking a powerful loss during the early years of the Great Depression, the Hochschild Kohn & Co. brand was ready to expand, they did so by developing a brand-new warehouse at 520 Park Avenue.

Fast forward to 2015, the building was revitalized by The Time Group & WPM Real Estate Management. The revamped space was transformed into a foodie destination! The philosophy behind this dynamic space has many elements: Protecting the heritage of the Mount Vernon community; Partnership with Baltimore arts, music and literary societies; and, above all, the nurturing and growth of small businesses.

The History